First five articles on Seeking Alpha


Over the last months, I’ve written five articles on Seeking Alpha as part of my personal challenge. This means I’m at 10% of my journey, but i’ll have to step up my game.

As a short term goal I will write 8 articles in April. For now, please find the first 5 published on Seeking Alpha below.

Beiersdorf Remains Fairly Valued Despite Sales Growth Acceleration

  • Beiersdorf has a strong portfolio of brands working for it in 170 countries.
  • The company is beating its peers in terms of revenue growth, but only very recently (+5.2% for the first three quarters YoY).
  • This debt free and family-controlled business could easily raise dividends to match the historical pay-out ratio.
  • Despite better sales, I believe the company to be fairly valued and would only buy on a dip towards €85.

Link to article Beiersdorf

ABB Ltd Is Preparing Itself For A Profitable Decade

  • ABB Ltd is a buy in the $24 to $26 range.
  • Over the last 10 years, the dividend has grown 12.12% annually.
  • The company has positioned itself nicely in niches which will grow over the next decade.
  • The company aims to become #1 and 2# in its niches.
  • Recent M&A activity makes the stock difficult to value.

Link to article ABB

Is There A Reason For This Hidden Champion To Lag The Market? I Don’t Believe So

  • Corticeira Amorim continues to grow revenues and profits.
  • The company is lagging the market for no apparent reason.
  • A strong moat and low debt mean the risk/reward is attractive.
  • The company is yielding 2.62% and will very likely hike its dividend again this year (7-year average: 14.6% annually dividend growth).
  • I think it’s likely the company will return to its 52-week high in the coming 12 months, presenting nearly 30% upside.

Link to article Corticeira Amorim.

Tableau Software Struggles With Profitability As Revenue Growth Slows Down

  • Total annual recurring revenue is up 45% year over year at $596.2 million.
  • Investments in R&D rose 10% year over year.
  • The market leader in Business Intelligence software is transitioning into a SaaS model instead of a licensing and service model.
  • All of the above don’t make it a screaming buy in this environment.

Link to article Tableau Software.

Reckitt Benckiser Has Value If You Can Live With The Debt (But You Shouldn’t)

  • RB’s sales growth is weakening and was flat like-for-like over 2017.
  • Debt remains elevated at £11 billion (or $15.4 billion) and around 3.5 times EBITDA.
  • The company is hoping to grow the business primarily in Asia following the Mead Johnson (MJN) integration.
  • RB pulls out of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare take-over discussions.

Link to article RB.



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