Brecht (founder) – LinkedIn

“I finished my major Economic Sciences (globalisation) at Ghent University. After discovering Asia with a backpack, I worked at Deutsche Bank Belgium for 6 months. I am currently persuing a Master in International Management and Strategy degree at the Vlerick Business School in Brussels.”


Georgios – LinkedIn

“Born and raised in Greece, currently a Master student of General Management at Vlerick Business School in Brussels, my passion for economics and finance began in 2010 during my first year of my BSc. I have a passion for domestic and international politics and consequently try to follow as much as possible to understand the variation in global dynamics. I believe in a free market that operates within borders set by governments only to ensure justice and fairness for the weaker part of the population.”


“Glen is an Australian suffering from a lack of life direction and feeling of meaninglessness. After having worked as a Risk Analyst for KPMG Australia for 2 years, Glen decided to come to Brussels and enjoy Belgian waffles and beers”




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